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Projetos ZerO2Nature

In order for a project activity to generate ecological credits, the following steps must be met: inventory, project design document - PDD, validation, registration, verification, certification and issuance. Once generated, ecological credits will be deposited as DTUcoins in the account of the project proponent at the DTUcoin Bank.

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DTUcoin is the world's first green coin. The acronym stands for Diseconomy Traded Units. Undoubtedly, the major contribution of the ZerO2Nature standard is the monetization of diseconomies. An elegant and easy-to-understand solution puts an end to the impossibility of accounting for diseconomies proposed by Adam Smith in his book The Wealth of Nations of 1776.

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IBIOX is the first virtual store to accept DTUcoins. At IBIOX it is possible to buy from a Tesla model S car to a portable microwave or a YSL bag. The trade backed by DTUcoins guarantees the realization of more green projects and the offsetting of pollution.

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Negative emissions and potential eco-credit generation Contact


Feasibility of implementing green projects in industries. Contact


ZerO2Nature project monitoring, verification and verification processes. Contact


Assistance in the exploration of DTUcoin in commercial activities. Contact


Design and implementation of projects that generate ecological credits. Contact


Technical consultancy in the neutralization of productive cycles. Contact

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